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Programmable DC Speed Control with Closed Loop Feedback and Digital LED Display for DC Motors Rated to 2 HP

OMDC-MD DC Speed Control

Programmable Digital DC Speed Control  | OMDC-MD DC Speed Control

Programmable Digital DC Speed Control

USD1,215.00 OMDC-MD10P

  • Adjustable Min/Max Speed
  • Adjustable Accel/Decel
  • NEMA 4X (IP66) Rating
  • Universal Power Supply, 85-265 Vac
  • Programmable Power-On Initial Settings
  • Jog Function Selectable from Many Input Options
  • Non-Volatile Memory Allows All Custom Settings to Be Stored for Future Use
  • Program Display for Any Engineering Unit
  • Speed Feedback Required (Encoder)
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OMDC-MD10P controllers are used with linear encoders for precise speed control in Omega's manufacturing process for metal sheath thermocouple wire.

Sample Application: Synchronized conveyor controller with jog switch, the slave conveyor 2 will follow changes in speed made to the master conveyor 1. The jog switch allows positioning of conveyor 2 when system is stopped.

The OMDC-MD Series is a compact, programmable DC speed control with digital closed loop feedback and LED display for DC motors rated to 2 horsepower. An on-board microprocessor with non-volatile memory, coupled with sophisticated internal software, makes the OMDC-MD series speed control the ultimate value in accuracy and control. Programmable parameters include maximum and minimum set speed, decimal points, and operating mode (master or follower).

The OMDC-MD series speed control is simple to operate: set the desired RPM, rate, or time in the large 1/2" LED display by depressing the “Up” and “Down” pushbuttons on the front panel. Settings can be one digit at a time or fast sweep. The OMDC-MD series speed control settings are exact and repeatable. It will precisely control speed to ±1/2 RPM of set speed, long term. No calibrations of the control are necessary.

The OMDC-MD speed control is available in both 1/8 DIN and 1/4 DIN industry standard cutout dimensions, providing easy panel installation. These DC motor controllers can be set to RPM, FPM, GRP, process time, or any other engineering unit for easy operation.

-10 to 45°C (14 to 113°F)
AC Input Voltage: 85 to 265 Vac
Input Frequency: 50/60 Hz
Overload Capacity: 200% for 1 min
Speed Signal Input: 0-5 to 0-24 Vdc, 50K Pulses/Minute (833 Hz)
On-Board Power Supply: 5 Vdc, 50 mA
Faceplate Dimensions:
    OMDC-MD10P: 115 W x 58 H x 117 mm D (4.539 x 2.289 x 4.625")
    OMDC-MD3P: 115 W x 106 H x 117 mm D (4.54 x 4.18 x 4.625")

NOTE:   Speed feedback is required (encoder). Recommended:   OMDC-PU-40E (see below).
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Part Number/Desc.
120 VAC Input: 0-90 VDC Output       240 VAC Input: 0-180 VDC Output
Availability: 5 weeks
1/8 DIN panel mount, 5A, 0.5 HP at 90 VDC, 1 HP at 180 VDC
Availability: 5 weeks
1/4 DIN panel mount, 10A, 1 HP at 90 VDC, 2 HP at 180 VDC
Availability: 5 weeks
1/4 DIN, 10A, 1 HP at 90 VDC, 2 HP at 180 VDC, provision for remote pushbutton
Optional Sensor
Availability: 1 week
Shaft mounted pick-up sensor, 10 pulses per revolution
Availability: 5 weeks
Shaft mounted pick-up sensor, 20 pulses per revolution
All amounts shown in USD
Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual.
Ordering Example: (1) OMDC-MD10P Digital closed loop DC speed control for max 1 HP motor with 5 Arm Amps, USD1,215.00  plus (1) OMDC-PU-40E Shaft mounted pick-up sensor with 20 pulses per revolution, USD307.76, USD1,215.00 + 307.76 = USD1,522.76
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