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3-Pack Surface-Mount fast response RTD sensor

SA1-RTD-B Series

Surface RTD | SA1-RTD-B Series

Surface RTD

  • 100 Ohm Thin Film DIN Platinum Class “B” (±0.12 Ohms, ±0.30°C at 0°C) Accuracy Standard
  • Silicone Adhesive rated to 260°C (500°F)
  • Temperature Range; -73C to 260°C Continuous, 290°C (554°F) Short Term Operation When Installed with OMEGABOND Air Set Cements
  • Stocked in 1m (40”) Lengths
  • 3 Wire Construction Standard, Color Code: Black/Black/Red.
  • Response Time: Less than 0.9 sec (63% Response in Water Flowing at 3' Per Second); Less Than 2 Seconds On a Hot Plate
  • Sold in Convenient 3-Packs
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Minimum/Maximum Temperature: -73°C (-100°F) to 260°C (500°F) continuous, 290°C (554°F) short term (when cemented in place)
Sensing Element: 100 Ω at 0°C (32°F), temp coefficient of 0.00385 Ω/Ω/°C (IEC60751)
Accuracy: ±0.12% at 0°C (DIN Class B)
Stability: Less than 0.2°C drift/year
Response Time: Less than 1sec. in water (63% response), less than 2sec. on a hot plate
Self-Heating Effect: 2.5 mW/°C
Lead Wire: 1 m (40"), 26 AWG, nickel-plated copper, PFA-insulated 3-wire, Color Code: Black/Black/Red

The SA1-RTD is a surface temperature sensor that can be applied to most clean, dry surfaces. Just peel off the release sheet on the bottom of the sensor and the silicone adhesive bonds the sensor to the surface, no cements or epoxies to mix, apply and cure.

The thin design of the SA1-RTD minimizes the effects of having the sensor attached to the surface of interest. Containing a thin film platinum sensing element, the SA1-RTD resistance is not affected by mounting to curved surfaces. With a fast thermal response time, the SA1-RTD will quickly respond to changes in temperature for fast, reliable measurements.
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Part Number/Desc.
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Availability: 5 weeks
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 1m (40 in) (3-Pack)
Availability: 1 week
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 2 m (80") (3-Pack)
Availability: 1 week
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 3 m (120") (3-Pack)
Availability: 5 weeks
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 1 m (40") w/MTP connectors (3-Pack)
Availability: 5 weeks
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 2 m (80") w/MTP connectors (3-Pack)
Availability: 5 weeks
100 Ohm ±0.12% @ 0ºC with 3 m (120") w/MTP connectors (3-Pack)
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All amounts shown in USD
Note: Options: For 2-wire styles insert “-2W” after “B” in the part number and subtract $10 per pack.
For a standard size 3-pin connector, replace “-MTP” in the model number with “-OTP”, no additional cost.
For an audio connector termination, replace “-MTP” with “-TA3F” and add $51 per pack.
For lead wire longer than 120", change suffix to desired length and add $6.75 per additional 12" per pack

This product page contains items (OM-CP-QUADRTD) that either have a Lithium Battery installed in the equipment or have a Lithium Battery packed with the equipment. These items as being regulated for air transportation. The following applies:
• No FX1D, FX2D or FX3D can be used as a ship method.
• Only UPS1, UPS2 or UPS3 is authorized.
• For International shipments UPS and DHL can be used. For DHL internationally – Omega only has permission to ship Lithium Batteries no other Hazardous Material.
Ordering Example: (1) SA1-RTD-B-80-MTP SA1-RTD sensor 80, USD329.00

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-120 for 3 m (120 in)

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-OTP for Standard size 3-pin connector
-TA3F for Audio connector termination
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