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Multi Channel Programmable Chart Recorders, 100mm (4'') Chart Width

RD260 Series

Multi Channel Programmable Chart Recorders, 100mm (4

  • 1, 2 or 3 Continuous Pens Or 6 Point Dot Printing Models
  • Thermocouple, RTD and DC Voltage Inputs
  • Programmable Input Types, Full Scale Ranges, Alarms, Chart Speed
  • Powerful but Easy to Use
  • Interactive Displays for Easy Setup
  • Large-LED Display for Data and Engineering Units
  • Compact-Only 175 mm (6.9") Deep [220 mm (8.6") for RD260A]
  • Removable Terminal Blocks for Easy Wiring
  • Optional Alarms and Remote Control
  • Optional RS-422A Communications (RD260A Model)
  • Pen Offset Compensation Standard for RD260A


The RD260 Series programmable chart recorders provide continuous monitoring of your essential process. These recorders are designed for ease of use, featuring inputs of thermocouple, or voltage. RTD also available on some models.

The simplified operation of these powerful recorders is fully programmable from the front panel. Simple front panel keypad operations enable the user to program each input individually. The recorders are designed for ease of use. Each version of the RD260A recorder prints out on the chart paper the date and time, channel number, scale marking, tag number, the proper engineering units, chart speed, alarm value and complete program list at programmed intervals or on demand. Configuration printout available on demand.

The RD260A recorders utilize a non-contact ultrasonic pen position transducer for higher accuracy when compared to standard pen mechanisms. The wear-free brushless dc servo-motor completely eliminates motor brushes, leadwire and connectors, and is directly mounted to the printed circuit board. These two features contribute to the long, trouble-free life of the recorders.

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Z-fold chart paper (pkg. of 1)
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Note: Recorder comes complete with 1 pen per channel, 1 pack of chart paper and operator’s manual.

Product Manuals:

Download RD260A-S4 - RS422A Communications
Download RD260A - Recorder Users Manual
Download RD260A - Instruction Manual