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LVCN1700 Series

Ultrasonic Level Switch | LVCN1700 Series

Ultrasonic Level Switch

USD1,245.00 LVCN1710

  • Offered in 3 Ranges From 3 to 8 m (9.8 to 26.2')
  • Configuration is Simple Via Integral Pushbutton Display Module
  • Three Programmable Relays for Switch, Pump Control and Fail-Safety
  • LCD Display Indicates Level Height and Relay Status
  • Narrow 5 or 7.6 cm (2 or 3") Beam Width and Short 4" or 8" Dead Band
  • PVDF Transducer and NEMA 4X (IP65) Poly-Carbonate Enclosure
  • Automatic Temperature Compensation for Accurate Measurement
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OMEGA’s LVCN1700 ultrasonic level sensor provides level detection up to 8 m (26.2') with 3 programmable relays for level switch or level control functions, and is configured via the integral pushbutton display module. Each relay can be configured on a single set-point (high level alarm or low level alarm) or latched on two set points for automatic fill or empty in simplex (one pump or valve), duplex (two pumps) or triplex (three pumps) level control modes with selectable time delay and fail-safe logic. The embedded level controller can lower cost by replacing external control hardware. This non-contact liquid level sensor is ideally suited for corrosive, sticky or dirty liquids, and is broadly selected for pump lift station, sump and day tank level applications

    LVCN1710: 10 cm to 3 m (4" to 9.8')
    LVCN1718: 20 cm to 5.5 m (8" to 18')
    LVCN1726: 20 cm to 8 m (8" to 26.2')
Repeatability: 6.35 mm (0.25")
Dead Band:
    LVCN1710: 10 cm (4")
    LVCN1718/26: 20 cm (8")
Beam Width:
    LVCN1710: 5 cm (2")
    LVCN1718/26: 7.6 cm (3")
Configuration: Pushbutton
Memory: Non-volatile
Display Type: LCD, 6-digit
Display Units: Inch, cm, percent, feet or meter
LCD Indication: Level and relay status
Supply Voltage: 95 to 250 Vac
Power: 20 W @ 120 Vac
Contact Type: (3) SPDT relays
Contact Rating: 60 VA, 1A max
Contact Fail-Safe: Open, close or hold last
Process Temp: -20 to 60°C (-7 to 140°F)
Temp Comp: Automatic
Ambient Temp: -40 to 71°C (-40 to 160°F)
Pressure: Maximum Working Pressure = 30 psi (2 bar)
    Rating: NEMA 4X (IP65)
    Material: Polycarbonate
    Hardware: Brass and stainless
    Vent: Water tight membrane
Trans Material: PVDF
Conduit Entrance: Dual, ½ NPT
Process Mount:
    LVCN1710: 1 NPT (1" G optional)
    LVCN1718/26: 2 NPT (2" G optional)
Mount Gasket: FKM
Classification: General purpose
Compliance: RoHS
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Availability: 1 week
Ultrasonic level controller 3 SPDT relays, range 3 m (9.8')
Availability: 9 weeks
Ultrasonic level controller 3 SPDT relays, range 5.5 m (18')
Availability: 9 weeks
Ultrasonic level controller 3 SPDT relays, range 8 m (26.2')
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Note: Comes complete with mounting gasket and operator’s manual.

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