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Vortex Shedding Flow Meter and Temperature Transmitter

FV100 Series

Vortex Flow Meter | Flow & Temperature Transmitter | FV100 Series

Vortex Flow Meter | Flow & Temperature Transmitter

USD940.00 FV101

  • No Moving Parts to Jam
  • 1/4 FNPT to 4" Line Sizes
  • Bright LED Display
  • Individual 4 to 20 mA Outputs for Flow and Temperature
  • SPST SSR Alarm(s)
  • Learn more about the vortex flow meter principle.
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The FV101 Series comprises in-line flow meters that use the vortex shedding measuring principle. The fluid strikes a bluff body, imparting alternating vortices downstream of the bluff. This creates a pressure on a sensor body containing a piezoelectric crystal. The frequency of the sensor is proportional to the velocity of the fluid and is amplified and converted to a 4 to 20 mA output signal. Vortex technology yields a meter with no moving parts to hang up or wear. The meter has a bright 7.62 mm (0.3") high LED display of flow in either liters or gallons. The FV101 Series can be used with non-viscous, clean, or dirty waterlike liquids that are compatible with brass, PVDF, and FKM. Measured fluids should not contain long fibers or a high level of abrasive solids. These meters are ideal for cooling loops using water or 50% glycols, and for water-soluble machine coolant (up to 10%). These applications are found in most process industries, including rubber, steel, fabrication, manufacturing, refining, paper, chemical, food, petrochemical, and power. Do not use on flammable liquids or on gases such as air.

   Accuracy: ±2% FS
   Repeatability: ±0.25% FS
   Alarm Deadband: 5% FS
   Response Time: User selectable from 0.9 to 7.5 seconds
   Max Flow: Over range occasionally up to 125% of capacity
   Accuracy: ±1% FS
   Response Time: 450mS time constant
   Alarm Deadband: 2%
Display: 3-digit, 7.62 mm (0.3") high numeric LED that flashes below setpoint
Maximum Operating Pressure:
   2" and Smaller: 20 bar (300 psig)
   3 and 4": 13 bar (200 psig)
Operating Temperature: 2 to 66°C (35 to 150°F)
Enclosure Rating: IP65; Type 1, 3, 4, 12, and 13
Analog Output: 4 to 20 mA (600 Ω @ 24 Vdc)
Electrical Connection:
   FV100 Units (Flow Only): 5-pin micro male connector
   FV100-T Units (Flow/Temperature): 8-pin male micro connector
Alarm Output: SPST SSR, NO or NC operation, selectable; dual alarms for flow/temperature units
   FV101 and 102:250 mA @ 30 Vdc up to 66°C (150°F)
   FV103 thru 108:125 mA @ 30 Vdc up to 66°C (150°F); reduced current rating at higher temperatures
Power: 10 to 30 Vdc @ 80 mA
Wetted Parts: Brass, PVDF and FKM seals; 316 SS bodies available for special order on 1/4 to 1/2" sizes, contact Flow Engineering for details
Installation: 10 pipe diameters upstream and 5 downstream recommended

Model No.
Model No.
Fittings Flow Range (gpm) Max
kg (lb)
Min Max
FV101 ¼ FNPT 0.4 4 9.2 1.3 (2.8)
FV102 ½ FNPT 1.2 12 3.6 1.2 (2.6)
FV103 FV103-T ¾ FNPT 2.5 25 3.6 2.9 (6.3)
FV104 FV104-T 1 FNPT 5 50 9.5 2.7 (5.9)
FV105 FV105-T 1½ FNPT 10 100 4.8 5.9 (13)
FV106 FV106-T 2 FNPT 20 200 4.9 4.8 (10.5)
FV107 FV107-T 3" ANSI RF 30 300 1.3 19 (42)
FV108 FV108-T 4" ANSI RF 60 600 1.3 25 (55)
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Regulated power supply, US plug, 90-264 Vac input, 24 Vdc output, 400 mA, stripped leads, UL
All amounts shown in USD
Note: Comes complete with operator’s manual. Flow-only models come with 1 m (3.3') cable. Flow/temperature models come with 2 m (6.5') cable.

Ordering Example: (1) FV103-T Vortex meter with temperature, USD1,805.35

Product Manuals:

Download FV100 Series - Vortex Shedding Flowmeters Maintenance
Download FV100/FV100T Series - Vortex Shedding Flowmeters and opt. Temp Transmitters
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