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Turbine Flow Meters Stainless Steel Flange Mount

FTB700-S Shown with DPF140 Series Display

Turbine Flow Meters Stainless Steel Flange Mount | FTB700-S Shown with DPF140 Series Display

Turbine Flow Meters Stainless Steel Flange Mount

  • High-Accuracy Machined Turbine Internals Removable with Meter in Line
  • Standard Meter Bodies are Flanged
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OMEGA™ FTB700-S Series turbine meters have a unique system of precisely-machined helical rotors and high-quality jewel bearings. The rotor is the only moving part. Small magnets on the rotor hub are electronically detected by a solid state Hall-effect sensor outside the wetted area. The turbine rotor uses journal-type sapphire and ruby bearings for minimum friction and maximum life. These bearings are ideal for long life in water and water-based fluids, and they have exceptional low-flow characteristics. The entire rotor assembly (rotor, hubs, bearings, rotor strut) can be removed from the meter as a single unit without removing the meter from the pipe.

Maximum Working Pressure: 200 psi stainless steel
Maximum Temperature:
    Stainless Steel: 93°C (200°F)
Accuracy: ±1% FS
Signal: Squarewave pulse
Power: 6 to 24 Vdc
    Meter Body: Stainless steel
    Flanges: 150# ANSI
    Turbine Rotor: PVDF
    Rotor Shafts: Zirconia ceramic
    Bearings: Sapphire journal, ruby ball
FTB700-T (Optional Blind Transmitter)
Output: 4 to 20 mA
Loop Power: 12 to 26 Vdc (isolated)
Accuracy: ±1%
Response Time: 3 sec, 95% FS
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Flow GPM 2 to 150, Pulses/Gal 60, Pipe Size "A" 51 mm 2 inches, Length "B" 254 mm 10 inches
Availability: 5 weeks
Flow GPM 3 to 400, Pulses/Gal 10, Pipe Size "A" 76 mm 3 inches, Length "B" 305 mm 12 inches
Availability: 5 weeks
Flow GPM 6 to 600, Pulses/Gal 5, Pipe Size "A" 102 mm 4 inches, Length "B" 356 mm 14 inches
Availability: 5 weeks
Flow GPM 12 to 1200, Pulses/Gal 2, Pipe Size "A" 152 mm 6 inches, Length "B" 457 mm 18 inches
Availability: 5 weeks
Flow GPM 30 to 3000, Pulses/Gal 2, Pipe Size "A" 204 mm 8 inches, Length "B" 508 mm 20 inches
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Note: Comes complete with 5.5 m (18') cable and operator’s manual.
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