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2-Wire Isolated Conductivity Transmitter System
 | CDTX-45

2-Wire Isolated Conductivity Transmitter System

USD1,119.99 CDTX-45

  • PEEK Sensor Body Construction
  • 4-Electrode Sensor Type
  • Electrode Coating Rejection Diagnostic
  • Universal Mounting Configurations
  • Microprocessor Based System
  • Large Dual Display Format
  • Loop Powered, Fully Isolated
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The sensor housings are constructed of PEEK, a high performance thermoplastic that provides outstanding mechanical strength and chemical resistance. Multiple sealing materials are used to preserve sensor integrity over a wide range of applications.

The four electrodes used in the cell are made of titanium for greater chemical resistance. Two of these electrodes are used to establish the sensor drive potential. The other two electrodes sense the flow of current between the drive electrodes and maintain the proper drive potential. The current that flows between the two drive electrodes is directly proportional to solution conductivity. With conventional two-electrode sensors, as the process solution begins to coat the electrode surfaces, the sensor output signal begins to decrease. This produces an artificially low conductivity measurement.

The CDTX-45 four-electrode system uses electrode diagnostics to compensate for the effects of fouling. As the two drive electrodes become coated by the process solution, a feedback mechanism involving the two sensing electrodes detects the decrease in drive potential and automatically re-establishes the proper drive potential. When the degree of coating reaches a limit where compensation is no longer possible, the diagnostic actuates an alarm to signal that the sensor requires cleaning.

The unique drive/control scheme of this system allows a single sensor configuration to be used reliably over a wide conductivity range. This system eliminates the requirement for multiple sensors with varying cell constants that are restricted to narrow operating ranges.

The microprocessor-based transmitter is loop-powered and fully isolated for high service reliability. The transmitter includes devices to protect the system from power surge and brownout events.

The large, high contrast, super-twist display provides excellent readability over a wide operating temperature range, even in low light conditions. The main display line consists of large, segmented characters with measurement units. The secondary display line utilizes easily readable dot matrix characters for clear display of calibration and diagnostic messages. Two of four measured parameters may be displayed simultaneously.

Four-button programming provides intuitive navigation through the menu-driven user interface. The 4 to 20 mA transmitter output can be configured to represent any portion of the measurement range. Output HOLD, ALARM and SIMULATION features provide the user with complete control of the system output under any condition.

Diagnostic messages provide a clear description of system condition, which eliminates confusing error codes that must be looked up in the operator’s manual.

The flexible calibration method includes stability monitors that check temperature and main parameter stability before accepting data.
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Note: Comes complete with operator's manual.

Ordering Example: (1) CDE-45P Conductivity Sensor, USD824.23  plus (1) CDSA-4500 4500 uS Calibration Solution, 1 QT, USD24.18  plus (1) CDTX-45 Conductivity Transmitter, USD1,119.99 , USD824.23 + 24.18 + 1,119.99 = USD1,968.40

Product Manuals:

Download CDTX-45 - Four-Electrode Conductivity Transmitter
Download CDE-45P - Four-Electrode Conductivity Sensor
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